World-leaders Ericsson and Permobil join Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic bid

Sweden’s Olympic and Paralympic bid for 2026 has been strengthened by the addition of two new world-class partners.

Ericsson and Permobil have pledged their support to the Stockholm Åre 2026 bid and will both play important roles in delivering the most sustainable Olympic Games in history, should Sweden win the bid in June 2019.

Digital technology and network infrastructure play an increasingly important role in global sport events, both in terms of ensuring an interactive and immersive spectator experience, and state-of-the-art facilities in terms of transport and media broadcasts.

Ericsson, a world-leader in communications technology and related services, will provide insights on technological and digital infrastructure needed to deliver global events on the scale of the Olympic Games, and also suggest how new technologies can be harnessed in order to realise Stockholm Åre 2026’s sustainability goals.

“An Olympic Games in Sweden would be a fantastic platform to showcase our technology, and how it can not just contribute sustainable solutions for environmental and social challenges, but also create completely new opportunities for digital sports experiences, whether you’re in the arena, or at the other side of the world,” says Helena Norrman, Marketing and Communications Director at Ericsson.

Having worked for over 50 years to ensure that every person can achieve the greatest possible independence in their lives, Permobil is the world-leader in advanced medical technology and is driven by better understanding user needs to improve quality of life through state-of-the-art healthcare solutions.

“The Paralympics are about competition, awakening dreams, inspiring and giving energy, and that is in line with our basic idea that everyone has potential and should be given the opportunity to achieve their goals,” said Bengt Thorsson, CEO of Permobil.

“In concrete terms, it is about putting the issue of accessibility and the opportunity to participate on equal terms in focus both within and outside sport. Sweden is a good place for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026 for several reasons, not least because we are far ahead in terms of being a society for all.”

Stockholm Åre 2026 CEO Richard Brisius is delighted to welcome the two partners onboard. “It’s with a warm heart that we welcome Ericsson and Permobil,” he said.

“We have a common understanding of how positive it would be for Sweden – and the whole planet – to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sweden. Ericsson and Permobil are two strategically important partners who are both leading Swedish companies in the world.”

Brisius added: “They add impressive excellence in areas that we need help with knowledge and expertise in the bid work.”

Both companies are headquartered in Sweden but run global operations. Ericsson’s Swedish organisation has approximately 12,500 employees, with a total of around 95,000 globally with the company’s wider operations, such as research, development, sales, production and administration.

Permobil, founded by Swedish businessman Dr Per Uddén, is also based in Sweden, with some 1600 team members located in 17 countries around the world.

“The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026 is a chance to strengthen Sweden’s power and showcase areas where we are world leaders. The project can also inspire and drive even more innovation in Sweden,” concluded Brisius.

“It’s a chance for us to create positive values for the future by focusing on sustainability, health and inclusion. We want to deliver the most sustainable Olympic Games of all time – an event that can inspire others on both a national and international level, and bring together the Olympic and Paralympic movements, just as Stockholm did in 1912.”

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