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Sweden tops Winter Olympics yet-to-host gold list

We all know that Sweden is a winter sport wonderland, with a rich history in the Olympics. But how does this Scandinavian nation rank amongst the rest of the world, when it comes to performing on the biggest stage of all?

Well, of all the countries in the world that haven’t yet hosted a Winter Olympics, Sweden is the nation that has won the most gold medals!

“It shows just how skilled Sweden is in winter sports, and what tremendous tradition and interest the country has towards winter sports,” said Swedish Olympic Committee chairman Mats Årjes.

Six nations have taken more Olympic gold than Sweden over the years – can you guess who tops the list?

It’s our Nordic neighbour, Norway. At 23 Winter Games, Norway has hauled home 132 medals – more than any other nation on the planet.

A quarter century ago, Norway hosted the Winter Games in Lillehammer. It was an incredible event – especially for us Swedes, as we took the glory in the men’s Ice Hockey after a thrilling final against Canada!

In a landmark moment, the game was the first ever Olympic Ice Hockey final to be settled by penalties after an incredibly close battle, with Swedish hero Peter Forsberg taking the

“I visited Lillehammer in 1994 and it was a fantastic event,” adds Årjes. “Those who got the privilege of being there and visiting the venues have very nice memories.”

Årjes continues: “It was a fine example of how an Olympic Games can be accomplished in a way that is appreciated globally, earns respect and creates a positive image of the Olympic movement.”

After Norway, the United States is the second most successful nation in Winter Games history – followed by Germany, the Soviet Union, Canada and Austria. Sweden is seventh, with a total of 57 Olympic gold medals.


1. Norway (132)
2. USA (105)
3. Germany (92)
4. Soviet Union (78)
5. Canada (73)
6. Austria (64)
7. Sweden (57)
8. Switzerland (56)
9. Russia (47)
10. The Netherlands (45)

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