Peter Forsberg will be a part of the Stockholm Åre 2026 squad in Lausanne. Photo: TT

Sweden reveals Golden Gang to win the Winter Games bid

A golden gang of Swedish Olympic heroes will visit Lausanne next week with a clear aim – to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to Sweden for the first time ever in 2026.

The list of Swedish ambassadors features 15 gold medals – 19 medals in total – and athletes who have competed at a number of Summer and Winter Games.

“Bringing the Games to Sweden with Stockholm Åre 2026 would be an extremely  important victory for Swedish sports and for Sweden as a country,” says double Olympic gold medalist Peter Forsberg.

At around 1800 CEST on 24 June, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will announced which country of Sweden and Italy will arrange the Winter Games in 2026 – and, with with 10 days to go before the vote, some very important campaign work remains.

The star-studded Swedish delegation will arrive in Lausanne, Switzerland during the Midsummer weekend (21-24 June) and hold two presentations ahead of the IOC members’ decisive vote.

The athletes who will represent Sweden during the days in Lausanne include:

• Tomas Gustafson, skating, 3 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic silver
• Anette Norberg, curling, 2 Olympic gold
• Peter Forsberg, ice hockey, 2 Olympic gold
• Gunnar Larsson, swimming, 2 Olympic gold
• Jonas Bergqvist, ice hockey, 1 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic bronze
• Jänis Kipurs, bobsleigh, 1 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic bronze
• Frida Hansdotter, alpine ski, 1 Olympic gold
• Sara McManus, curling, 1 Olympic gold
• Agnes Knochenhauer, curling, 1 Olympic gold
• Stefan Holm, athletics, 1 Olympic gold
• Anna Holmlund, ski cross, 1 Olympic bronze

Additionally, Stockholm Åre 2026 ambassadors Maria Pietilä Holmner, Jessica Lindell Vikarby and Anna Laurell Nash, who together participated in eight Olympic Games, will also be present.

Other contributors will include Aaron Lindström and Jennie-Lee Burmansson, the youngest Swedes to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang last year.

For more information:
Mats Olsson, Press Manager Stockholm Åre 2026

mats.olsson@stockholm-are2026.com, +46 70 633 61 30

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