Strid outlines Swedish ambitions to hold the most sustainable Games in history

Johan Strid, General Secretary of the Swedish Paralympic Committee, has reaffirmed Sweden’s ‘Stockholm Åre 2026’ bid’s commitment to hold the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in history.

Speaking from Åre, where he has been present at the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, Strid explained:

“One of the main reasons why we are organising Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is that we want to create the most sustainable games ever held in the world.”

Last week, bid chief Richard Brisius outlined to journalists and athletes an ambition to host a 2026 Winter Games that is not just climate neutral, but climate positive – and set a new standard for sustainability in sport on a global scale.

And Strid shares that vision – whilst highlighting that sustainability isn’t just about climate, it’s a much more complex issue.

“When we talk about sustainability, it’s all of the sustainability goals set by the United Nations, so it includes everything from climate, environment, to human rights, workers rights and social inclusion,” he explained.

Strid believes that Sweden’s global reputation as a nature-loving winter wonderland makes it a natural choice to lead the charge for sustainability – and adds that hosting the Olympic Games is a ‘moral obligation’ to set a positive example to the rest of the world.

“You can look at various sorts of sustainability ratings that are done by UN

agencies or companies and we are always scoring among the top five or top three,” Strid says.

“But we are never done. We have a very severe situation for our planet when it comes to the climate, and to organise the fantastic global media platform that the Paralympic and Olympic Games is, we have a moral obligation to use that platform to drive sustainability issues and climate issues in order to push the world in the right direction.”

He adds: “We’re not the solution, but if we’re not part of the solution, we shouldn’t be organising at all.”

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