Strid: ”Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games can be ‘common goal’ for Swedes”

During Friday’s programme at Järvaveckan – an annual festival taking place in the centre of Stockholm, bringing together politicians, citizens, business leaders and NGOs to discuss and debate a wide range of issues affecting Sweden’s future – Johan Strid, Secretary General of the Swedish Parasport Association and the Swedish Paralympic Committee, highlighted the importance of bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to Sweden for the first time ever in 2026.

Strid, who is leading the sustainability team for the Stockholm Åre 2026 campaign, made the comments during a panel discussion titled ‘Agenda 2030 contains 17 Global Goals for sustainable development in the world’, about the UN’s sustainability agenda.

“Sweden has a real need for a common goal, and to find new forms of broad collaboration. The Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games would be a great opportunity for our country to come together,” said Strid.

“It could drive innovation on a broad front, whilst also contributing to increased physical activity – throughout the whole of society and not just in those areas where sport is already strongly rooted.”

Sweden is one of just two candidates still in the running to host the 2026 Games, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members will cast the decisive vote on Monday 24 June.

The possibilities around a Swedish Winter Games are many. In addition to the world’s focus being place on the nation, the event can also be used as a force for sustainable change, social inclusion and innovation.

“Of course, ‘physical activity’ doesn’t just mean organised sport in today’s society. We all need help to do more. Together, we can create new and innovative ways to make use of the benefits of physical activity. To succeed with this on a broad front, a Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2026 is a unique opportunity,” continued Strid.

Taking place from 12-16 June, Järvavecken is a unique event – a week of programming designed to reduce the gap between people and elected representatives. Many representatives from a wide range of sectors are invited to contribute and share expertise and perspectives.

The panel was moderated by Sofia Kacim, and the other participants were Joar Forssell (L), LUF chairman and member of parliament, Paula Bieler (SD), member of parliament, and Tomas Amanuel Sourcing and Youth Manager at IF Brommapojkarna.

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