Photo: Mattias Goldmann during the workshop.

Stockholm Åre 2026: Our chance to ‘set an example’ on sustainability – Goldmann

Mattias Goldmann is extremely passionate about sustainability issues. As CEO of Fores, a thinktank focused on Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, he’s works around the clock for a better climate and a more open society.

On Wednesday, he delivered a presentation at the Stockholm Åre 2026 sustainability workshop – aimed at promoting collaboration and idea-sharing around the extremely important issues of sustainability.

There, he told how Sweden can arrange the world’s first climate-positive ‘mega event’ – setting a new standard for how to deliver events globally.

“If Sweden were to get the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026, it gives us a real chance, as a small country, to make a huge difference in the climate area – and set an example to others,” he explained.

In addition to delivering a presentation, Goldmann also worked closely with the groups at the session to discuss issues and ideas for making Stockholm Åre 2026 the most sustainable Olympic Games in history.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” he said. “The conversation was very concrete on all aspects of sustainability, so it was very valuable. We got many suggestions on how to sharpen and concretise our goals and focus. In general, there was an extremely positive tone to what has already been produced and that the work is clearly in the right direction.”

The collaborative approach of Stockholm Åre 2026 organisers also impressed Goldmann, who believes that by bringing experts from all sides of society together, a more robust plan will be produced.

“I think it was a tremendously successful approach to say ‘we would love to have your help’ – the attitude that you are humble in the task meant that we got a lot of wise input and can do a lot more of this.

He continued: “I think that will also separate our Olympic Games candidacy from the Italian bid in a positive way. What we’re dealing with here is people, and effects. Not just names and logos, but real people. We listen to them and their input, and they’ve been a major part of the application.”

Sustainability is a core part of the Swedish candidacy for the Olympic Games, and the bid to host the event has been designed to be as climate-smart and sustainable as possible.

“There is no better opportunity to set an example than during this mega event like the Olympic Games,” concluded Goldmann. “Therefore, we approached the issue with our sleeves rolled up, to make sure that this is as climate-smart as possible and to inspire the outside world.”

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