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New survey shows increase in Swedish support for Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic bid

Results of a new survey show an increase in support for Sweden’s 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid.

The survey, conducted by the International Olympic Committee, shows that 55 percent of Swedes are in favour of hosting the Games in seven years, compared to 17 percent against it.

“This shows a huge positive shift where a majority in our country – and Stockholm – want the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026,” said Mats Årjes, Chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee.

“We have a majority for, and a share of negative that has significantly declined. It’s a fantastic result,” he continued.

The release of the results coincide with the IOC Evaluation Commission visit to Sweden, which has taken place from 11-16 March. A delegation visited Åre, Falun and Stockholm to see the proposed venues, transport plans, meet officials and learn more details about the vision of Stockholm Åre 2026.

“It is positive that 55 percent of Swedes say ‘yes’ to the Olympics and Paralympics in Sweden,” added Stockholm Åre 2026 CEO, Richard Brisius.

“This is proof that more and more people are taking in the news of how the Olympics and Paralympics are to be hosted without burdening the taxpayers. It also shows what we in the campaign team know, that support for a Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sweden is growing every day.”

A total of 2,443 interviews were conducted for the survey – conducted by International Publications Institute Publicis Media on behalf of the IOC during the period 7-19 February.

In the survey, 55 percent answered ‘yes’ to the question of whether they would like Stockholm Åre to host the Olympics and Paralympics  2026.

“This feels great, that we both got an increase of ‘yes’ but also a decrease in ‘no’ responses,” said Gunilla Lindberg, a member of the IOC’s board of directors, and Secretary General of SOK.

“It feels like people are beginning to understand more, what the new agenda is all about.”

Sweden’s bid for hosting the Olympic  and Paralympic Winter Games in 2026 focuses on two key areas – Sustainability and flexibility. These are two values that Christophe Dubi, CEO of the International Olympic Committee, believes that Sweden lives up to.

“We have two bids that fit exactly the vision we had in Agenda 2020, which is to use what you have, use your assets, use your expertise, don’t build if not necessary, build only if there’s a legacy. What you see here [in Sweden] is exactly that vision.

“There’s a process, but behind it there’s a spirit and philosophy. A spirit of collaboration, and a philosophy to adapt the Games to any local context.”

As the IOC Evaluation Committee completed its visit to Sweden on Saturday, the Commission’s Chair, Octavian Morariu, was extremely positive about the experience.

“We’re very pleased with all the answers we received during this fantastic week,” he said.

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