Majority of Swedes want the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on home soil

On Saturday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) presented a survey on the Swedes’ view of an Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sweden in 2026.

The results show that a majority of those asked (2,443 surveyed in total) were positive to the prospect of an Olympics in Sweden, with 55 percent replying that they ‘fully agree’ or ‘agree’ on the question of whether they were ‘for’ Stockholm Åre 2026.

Attached (link, click here or down below) is a more detailed presentation of the survey’s results. The exact question asked was:

‘To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am in favour of Stockholm/Åre hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2026’

The question was asked in Swedish, and the response options were:

• Fully agree
• Agree
• Neither agree nor disagree
• Don’t agree
• Disagree
• Don’t know

In 2019, 55 percent of Swedes replied that they ‘fully agree’ or ‘agree’ with the statement. Below is a summary of the same survey, on the same issue, but completed one year ago.

The comparison with 2018 shows a sensational shift in public opinion. At that time, 24 percent of Swedes were against to the prospect of an Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Today, that figure is 17 percent, making a reduction of almost 30 percent.

Survey a year ago.

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