Foto: Sveriges Television (SVT)

Magical Olympic Moments: Anja makes podium against all odds

Swedish ski star Anja Pärson was well on her way to a medal in the women’s downhill during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010.

Then, disaster. She slipped on the final jump – and fell some 60 metres, before brutally crashing into the hard downhill slope.

”She could have killed herself,” Anja’s father Anders Pärson said after the nasty accident.

Luckily, she survived intact – but with some bumps and bruises to show for her fall. Anja got up by herself, was examined by doctors – and miraculously stood on the starting line when the women’s super combination began just 24 hours later.

”If I run, I’m going for gold,” Anja said before the competition.

And despite pains and a sore body, Anja stayed true to her word during the downhill race, giving her all in the fight for a medal ahead of the crucial slalom track.

Once there, Anja impressed again and ended her run in the lead …with only six competitors left to race.

As Lindsey Vonn, the final racer, stepped up to the slope, Anja had only the German, Maria Riesch and the American Julia Mancuso, in front of her – and was on for the bronze against all odds.

How it went? See the excitement of the player above!

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