Everything you need to know about the decisive IOC vote

Just a few days remain until the crucial IOC vote in the capital of the Olympics, Lausanne, Switzerland – and the excitement and tension is building.

The big decision on which candidate city – Stockholm Åre or Milan Cortina – will be awarded the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be made on Monday 24 June by IOC Members at the 134th IOC Session. You can watch the whole thing live here from 1400 CEST – click here.

But how does the voting process actually work? Here’s everything you need to know before Monday.

• In the infographic below, you can see where the IOC members are from – there are currently 95 IOC members including the President. Every member in attendance at the session gets one vote – except the Swedes (2) and Italians (3). The President only votes in the event of a tie. Three members are suspended so will not vote, meaning that if everyone eligible to vote is in attendance there will be 86 votes cast.

• The vote is chaired by the IOC President, Thomas Bach. If for some reason he is not present at the Session, the Chair of the meeting will instead lead the vote. The Chair of the meeting appoints three ‘scrutineers’ and one chairperson amongst them. Scrutineers observe the voting process to ensure it is operating in a free and fair manner.

• The vote is by secret ballot and electronic equipment is used by each member to cast their decision and the reliability, confidentiality and accuracy of the voting process is tested and monitored by an independent specialist company in the field.

• To win, a candidate must receive more than half – a majority – of the total votes cast. If the result is a tie, the vote is re-cast for a second round. If the second vote is a tie, IOC President Thomas Bach has the casting vote.

• Once a city has been elected, the Chairperson of the scrutineers will inform the President that this is the case. The President will then announce that the vote is over and that the winning candidate city will be announced in due course.

• Once the host city for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has been officially announced, the poll results will be made public.

• The result of the vote will be recorded in the form of minutes signed by the scrutineers. The sealed envelope, which contains the name of the selected host city, will be kept by the Chairperson and presented to the President for the announcement. The Chairman will open the envelope and reveal the winning host city.

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