Richard Brisius.

Bid chief Richard Brisius shares Winter Games plans to a full house in Åre

Stockholm Åre 2026 bid chief Richard Brisius presented the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games proposal to an audience of journalists, athletes and former athletes in Åre this week.

Brisius is in Åre for the 2019 FIS Alpine World Championships – which runs until Sunday – and Sweden’s campaign to host the Olympics attracted much attention at the competition.

“We believe that we have the perfect concept to fit the new reality of the International Olympic Committee, based on Agenda 2020 and the ‘new norm’,” explained Brisius.

“Our concept is tailor-made to this new reality. We believe that within Sweden we can create a Games that really support health, amongst young and old Swedes, through sports and through the inspiration of the athletes.”

He continued: “We also have a great opportunity to support sustainability – in all dimensions. Sustainability from a financial perspective, from a social perspective, and maybe most importantly, from an ecological perspective. Our target is very high – we will be not just the first climate neutral, but the first climate positive Olympic and Paralympic Games ever.”

To watch the full presentation, check out the video above!

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