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A Swedish Olympic Games in 2026? “Nothing could top it”

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Austria is now over – and what a tournament it was for Sweden!

The event – which took place from 19 February to 3 March – saw Sweden’s ladies haul home some five medals, including two gold, two silver and one bronze.

The relay team, consisting of Charlotte Kalla, Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson and Stina Nilssons, took  are all huge supporters of a 2026 Winter Games in Sweden – and below, we look at some o fth

The win was a World Cup medal number thirteen for 31-year-old Charlotte Kalla, who has admitted that, although she doesn’t see herself lining up on the starting line in a Swedish Olympic Games, she is keen to be part of the journey as a proud ambassador.

“Even though I won’t personally be active any more, I’d really like to participate in the Olympic Games and the journey to it. It’s not just about the Games, but about how you get there – and I think that the potential opportunities around that are very exciting,” Kalla explained in an interview last year.

“If it is so close in time, even if I myself will not be active anymore, then I would really like to participate in the OS and the journey it is. Not just during the games but also the way to get there. I think it would be very exciting with the opportunities that are now available. It feels interesting, Kalla said in an interview last November.

At the other end of the scale, Sweden’s newest ski star Frida Karlsson is only 19 years old – and after three medals at Seefeld, a full collection of gold, silver and bronze, she is eyeing glory on home soil in 2026.

Karlsson was part of the relay team together with Charlotte Kalla, Ebba Andersson and Stina Nilsson, and, in addition, took silver at 10 km classic, as well as a bronze in the 30 km mass start.

“[Stockholm Åre 2026] would be so awesome!” she says. “I really hope it happens. Many say that age 25-27 is when you should be as best in your career. So a Winter Olympics in 2026 for would be a real dream and it would be perfect timing,” she said an interview before heading to Austria.

And, even before Karlsson, there is plenty of up and coming talent in the Swedish national team. Take Ebba Andersson, who, at just 21, is another who took to the starting line as part of the four in Seefeld. Andersson is already an Olympic medallist having secured silver in the Swedish relay team during the Winter Olympics in South Korea last year.

On Stockholm Åre 2026, she says: “It would be an incredible experience and something that maybe not too many athletes get the chance to do, to compete at home during such a big championships like the Olympics. It is by far the greatest thing that an athlete can do.”

When the second group of Stockholm Åre 2026 ambassadors were presented in December, five-time Olympic medallist Stina Nilsson was among the group – and the sprint specialist also enjoyed an unforgettable championships in Seefeld, taking home no less than two gold medals.

These were Stina’s first World Cup golds after five silvers previously. In 2018, she won gold at the Olympics.

“Experiencing an Olympic Games at home is the biggest thing an individual athlete can experience in their career. Nothing tops it,” Stina simply said at the presentation of ambassadors.

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