24 hours to go!

With the decisive IOC vote due to take place on Monday, we caught up with some of the Stockholm Åre 2026 delegation to find out how they feel before the big day…

• Peter Forsberg, Swedish Ice Hockey icon, 1994 & 2006 Olympic gold medallist and NHL legend

“I’m already nervous for the decision tomorrow at 6pm. I’m not the only person here that is nervous – a lot of people have done a great job and the Swedish delegation have come up with a fantastic plan. I used to be an athlete and I just wish I were 20 years younger so I could participate in a Winter Games at home.

I know that’s going to be amazing for the athletes. It was 1912 last time we arranged the Games – for an athlete to be at home and win the gold, standing in front of your home fans, and hear the national anthem, would be awesome.”                   

• Stefan Holm, high jump star, 2004 Olympic gold medallist

“I’m going to be really, really nervous when Thomas Bach stands up there with the envelope – for me it’s been a childhood dream. I grew up with Sweden as a candidate city so many times. 84, 88, 92, 94, 98, 2002, 2004 – and we missed the Olympics every time. I’m so happy to be part of this and hopefully bring the Games back to Sweden again after 107 years. I’m getting more and more adrenaline. It’s a bit like competing myself – I know I can’t totally steer the result but I can just do my best in the presentation, so I’m really looking forward to it. We’re trying to be positive – and we have to be all the way until 6pm on Monday when the result is announced. We have to work all the way and get the energy going especially during the final presentation. But I think we’ve got a good team.”

• Frida Hansdotter, world-class skier, 2018 Olympic gold medallist

“It’s super fun, exciting and it’s starting to feel like something important is coming up. I think Monday will be super fun – everyone will be nervous but very excited. I’m very happy to be in the team and to be here, and I’ll also be part of the final presentation, so for me it will be a bit like an Olympic race. I’m sure there will be a lot of adrenaline, and of course I hope we win!”

• Aaron Lindström, Paralympic alpine skier

“I’m really excited to be here – in this really nice weather! I think we have a good chance to win the Games, it’s sustainable, economically, socially and also in terms of climate. It’s overwhelming to be part of this team, to meet people like Frida Hansdotter and Peter ‘Foppa’ Forsberg, you can’t really describe it with words, and I’m really excited for the results.”R

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